Sunday, April 13, 2014

textiles and stories...

These incredible works by Michelle Elliot formed the backdrop to an inspiring and tender discussion around textiles, traditions, crafts and communities, held at the Wollongong City Art Gallery on Saturday.

The day was co-ordinated by Virginia and Amanda from Makasi Art Installations, an organisation empowering refugees living in Australia and nurturing a skills sharing environment, creating incredible art works from upcycled materials. 

The talk centred around textile artists and craft workers working in the Illawarra region, some Australian, some Vietnamese, Burmese and Afghani. 

It was a truly loving and inspiring afternoon, and I feel so privileged to have been asked to speak with such incredible people.

This is the work of Burmese weavers - stunning colour and craftsmanship.

The most incredible crochet work was presented by Wollongong University lecturer and artist Agnieszka Golda, who made this work with her 94 year old grandmother. They both came from Poland as refugees, bringing with them stories and traditions that Agnieszka now integrates into her art practice. 

The afternoon was full of emotion and inspiration, a sharing that showed me how people from all over the world have a place here in Australia, and are welcomed with open arms and hearts.

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  1. Oh wow... What a wonderful experience, Margie! Love this. Thanks for sharing it :) Kx