Wednesday, January 23, 2013

fimo, feta, and cherry tomatoes..

As promised (on my Instagram feed) here is the recipe for the marinated feta I made... thanks to Tim for the idea. It really is awesome!

Although honestly it is SO easy you can just throw in whatever you like! I can't believe for how long I've eyed off the marinated feta in the store and thought "Oh no maybe next week..."


1 slab of feta
peppercorns (any colour would do)
finely chopped herbs (I used sage, rosemary and oregano, which I have growing)
finely minced garlic (I used the garlic crusher for this recipe)
juice of half a lemon
olive oil


Chop the feta into squares, and put everything together in a large sterilised jar. give it a good roll around to mix the ingredients (be gentle) and let sit in the fridge overnight. 

EAT - it's so yum!

I've made some of these little plater pots with hangers for our market stall this weekend, using this tutorial for the pot and this one for the hanger

I started making the geometric pots but my Fimo wasn't complying, so I simplified my design and made these. I really like them! 

The hanger was SUPER easy... but if you're in the mood for a more authentic macrame experience, Ouchflower is hosting "Knot School" over at her blog, so go check it out!

I've also been playing along with the Instagram #5shotchallenge... This is the second time I've been tagged with the word #green!!

More market products... These are only for the market stall, and not available on our Etsy shop.

And I finally got to harvesting the cherry tomatoes on the garden today.

I love these little trusty bursts of summer - they are the only variety I seem to have any luck with...

They make a sublime relish - I used this recipe year after year. Only since my son doesn't care for chilli (hopefully this will change!!) I leave that out.

Here's hoping my market stall is as successful as the Twilight Christmas Markets were... If you're in the NSW South Coast area and looking for something other than the usual Oztraya Day extravaganzas, then head over to Coledale Public School, on the coast overlooking the sea, on Sunday, between 9am and 3pm. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

and a new year starts again... with a Liebster Award!!

Sorry... No really, I am so very very sorry. Terribly, guilt-riddenly in that way only a mother can be...

I've been so absent from this space... but it's been because I've been very present IRL...

Which at the moment, is what my family are needing.

The son starts school in 12 sleeps, Mr Fixit starts a new job on Monday, and I've been spending as much time as I can just being with them.  

A few great things have happened in my absence though... The ever-amazing Pippa from Ouchflower (thanks Ouchie) has nominated Goggles for a Liebster award... 

Goodness me, I am so un-used to awards - but this one seems right up my alley!!

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow." 

Again, Ouchie, you are so fabulously generous in sharing the love, I just want to reach out and hug you!! 

({[ ouchie ]}) from Goggles xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

So..... on to the 11 random facts...

I aspire to minimal but my work space and car are both a complete diabolical mess

I use a 7 year old Mac iBook missing the shift key on one side

I feel like a new person when I wax my legs (a twice yearly occurence if I'm lucky)

I live in a small village near the beach on the South Coast of NSW. It's great and an amazing place to be but sometimes I feel isolated, even though I'm surrounded by incredible and creative people and am only an hour and a bit from Sydney

I don't want any more kids

... ok that's only 5...

I grew up in the northside burbs of Brisbane. I've worked through my cultural cringes about this and now I can say it with pride

I am (sometimes) an iPhone zombie

I am slowly realising how design savvy my mum is (even though I'm 44 this year... gulp)

I'm 44 this year... gulp

I still love a good techno beat and have been know to tear it up to the deep bass hard core. In fact there aren't many music genres I can't dance to... although ecclesiastical would maybe be one...

I get quite frustrated if I don't make things fairly constantly...


So now for Ouchie's 11 questions:

1. Name your favourite city in the world?

Amsterdam (at this point, but give me an open ended travel ticket and I'm sure I'll have a new one every week)

2. Best Design purchase?

Alistair Trung clothing. Just. Amazing. Looks great on anyone. Can be worn myriad ways.

3. What are the colours in your home?

Black, white, camel, olive green. (I am so 1970s...) Although sometimes the 80s gets a look in with some fluoro...

4. How do you have your tea/coffee?

Tea very strong, with milk and honey. Can be either rooibos or black tea... Although I drink herbal a lot in the afternoons. Haven't done coffee since 2005.

5. Manuel or automatic

I LOVE Manuel!! I loved Faulty Towers!! Although my car is auto and I much prefer it. Call me a nanna driver...

6. What was the last thing you made and when?

This special order from my Etsy shop for a dear friend.

7. Favourite quote or saying?

Make Do and Mend

8. Black & White or colour? 

both... although photos I like in colour. And filtered. With Lo-Fi. Sometimes with a blur. Did I mention I really like Instagram...?

9. What was the last thrifted item you bought?

A bit povo for the last few months... So not actually thrifted... more like gifted... It was a great Bisonte zip up cotton vest... In camel...

10. Vintage or Retro


11. Vegemite of Marmite?

Neither!! (I am a Promite girl through and through).

Now if you've read this far you deserve a Liebster of your own!!

So, my blog love goes out to...

1. Chris Van Veghel Handmade Bags 
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3. line x shape x colour
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6. Dear Olive
7. In Search Of the Real Kaptain KK
8. My Fabulous Design
9. Scarlett Bleu 

I know it's supposed to be 11, but it's after 11 and I'm going crazy for some sleep... so off I go to press publish and go to bed!! 

And my questions for you are...

1. What's your craft of choice?
2. Whose work do you absolutely love?
3. Who would you choose to be if you lived in another era?
4. Why do you live where you do?
5. Breakfast of choice?
6. Camping or Glamping?
7. Water baby or hydrophobe?
8. Last food purchase?
9. TV or no TV?
10. Your favourite tipple?
11. What aspect of your parent/s can you see in yourself?