Monday, November 4, 2013

Sydney Finders Keepers, your one stop Christmas shop!

So Sydney People, it's your turn to get your Christmas shopping sorted!

The always inspiring Finders Keepers Indie Art and Design Market is coming, December 6 and 7, to the Australian Technology Park.

My Very Own Eye Goggles will be there, with some truly-rooly EXTRA special prices for Christmas... Some of your favourite Goggles pieces will be priced to sell!

PLUS some amazing discount codes and vouchers will be given away to shoppers, to use at our Etsy store...

So Friday December 6 or Saturday December 7 is the time to pick up some unique, handmade treasures, to delight and inspire.

Give a gift that was made with love!


  1. I have always preferred to give handmade gifts to my friends and family because I think they hold more sentimental value as compared to ready made items. However, I think we should DIY them instead of buying them off the shelves if we really have the time. I would still visit such stores though, to get ideas and inspirations for my DIY projects. I already have a few storage ideas in mind like bottles and boxes.