Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biennale of Sydney... last days

Ahhh Sydney, you do put on a great show... I took the opportunity of a free afternoon in the city to pop out to Cockatoo Island to see this year's Biennale of Sydney...

Wow. The journey... the place... the work... the buildings... Wow.

The sound installation that hits you as you enter the heavy machinery shop is incredible. I think it was by Reiner Rietveld (what a name!) and Craigie Horsfeld.

A plethora of polystyrene by Peter Robinson - I was kind of transfixed by the walls in this space...

How to transform a shipping container - Cal Lane's Sand Lace surrounded this piece.

My favourite piece had to be Philip Beesley's Hylozoic Series... really beautiful work, and the way the piece filled the space, and cast shadows onto walls and floors - really incredible.

There is such a huge quantity of work to see and experience - even in my too brief hour and a half, I managed to be inspired and amazed.

Gorgeous paper by Euraba Artists and Papermakers in collaboration with Monika Grzymala.

I've used Euraba's paper on another exhibition project, and can testify to the beauty and durability of their work over many years.

Mist installation Chasm by Fujiko Nakaya - the school kids were having a ball with this one...

The existing buildings and structures were so evocative and beautiful - I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed most of the time.

This is one helluva work bench!

And lastly, Li Hongbo's work was truly beautiful - and shocking at the same time. 

I feel I'll be returning to Cockatoo Island - so many incredible events to see and experience, let alone the place itself. Inspirational.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

new in the shop for Spring...

After lots of product testing (and lots of wrist-ache!) I'm launching these fab up-cycled crocheted rubber basket planters in my Etsy shop!

Muchos Excitementes! 

I can make them almost any size, so if you'd like one made for your special potted palm, just let me know!

I really love the beautiful texture in the woven rubber... they are worth the pain!

Monday, September 3, 2012

a new project...

So these petite belles are my newest addition to the shop - they are so great for Spring!