Monday, July 23, 2012

the $300 bathroom renovation...

Firstly I must apologise for the radio silence... I've been knee-deep in black and white...

They said it couldn't be done... $300 bathroom renovation?? You've GOT to be kidding...

It all started with the recycled hardwood from the house next door, which was demolished a couple of months ago. Beautiful timber!

Then came the $200 Kaldewei bathtub... For those who don't know these baths, they are 3.5mm thick steel, and the most fabulous baths you could find. Ours was a second, with a small mark at the back. 

It also had to be small - 1400mm small! This is the Saniform Plus, short, but still deep and wide. A great bath for a tight space...

Next was the glass wall cladding... Salvaged from a neighbour's front yard, saved from the tip! 

It was smoked glass - so we painted the back face black, as well as the wall behind it. I was slightly concerned that silicone wouldn't hold it in place, but our super friendly glazier assured us if we siliconed around all four edges, it wouldn't go anywhere. 

Of course, with a room like this, once you start, where do you stop?? We had paint left over from the rest of the house, so used it to repaint the walls. It was a pretty quick process, as the walls were already white, so no undercoating was needed. This really freshened it up.

We didn't touch the plumbing - to keep costs down - and left the acrylic panel and tapware from the old shower cubicle in place.

The last $100 was spent on vinyl sheeting, which made such a difference. We carefully pulled off the skirting boards, and removed the vanity bench to make the laying easier. I made a dimensioned plan of the room, then transferred them to the sheet of vinyl, which fortunately we could lay out in one piece in the patio. Ten minutes with a stanley knife, and we were laying vinyl! 

The sheet needed a little "fenagling" around some edges to fit snugly, but essentially, it was a pretty straight-forward process.

Now I can get down to the "styling"... first stop was this neon crocheted plant hanger... who knows what will come next!