Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ahhh the 'Burgh Salvos... Such a great op shop (or thrift store, for my millions of yankee friends)... ;)

I found this intriguing fellow in amongst the chintzy bed linen and curtains... Woven wool from what I can tell...

And this 100% linen beauty is from the Mission Australia op shop in Thirroul... always a bit patchy there, but this was a steal at 50 cents....

Not sure if I can bring myself to sew it into a cushion, or just leave it in all its geometric beauty...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

arrietty + beci orpin...

Wow! I won a family movie pass to see this fantastic movie, from this amazing lady!

Two great things in one day... all I can say to this is...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Visiting a friend last week, I was fortunate to handle this beautiful baby blue tongue lizard.

It was discovered in my friend's garden, and since there are so many dogs around her, she brought it inside for safety!

I'd never seen a baby one of these before, and it felt amazing to hold... it began to "sniff" me, by poking out its blue tongue. It seemed to like being held in my warm hands, and I could feel its cool body soaking up the heat!

The other interesting tidbit another good friend showed me was a bunya pine cone!

These are MASSIVE! They can weigh 10kg, and grow on the very tall bunya pine trees (Araucaria bidwillii)
... if one falls, you'd better not be underneath...

Indigenous Australians used the nuts, which are inside each segment on the cone, to eat raw, roast, or grind into flour, or sometimes bury in mud until sprouting, then roast the tuber which develops from the sprouting seed.

The bunya pines were sacred to Aboriginal people, who would travel long distances when the trees were fruiting, to hold ceremonies and rituals, trade with other tribes, and negotiate treaties and marriages.

I'm planning on roasting the nuts I have, to see if they're similar to chestnuts, as I've been told...

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

bekvam bookshelves - not just for the small ones...

So I've bought my Ikea Bekvam spice racks (AU$2.50 each!!) and been intending to install them in my son's bedroom, thanks to this blog post.

But then I realised my cookbooks were all on the bookshelf in the front room! Every time I want to look one up, I trundle up the hall and back down again to the kitchen... There must be a better way, I thought to myself.

The five spice racks that have been sitting on the kitchen bench for an embarrassing amount of time caught my eye... The wheels turned... Of course! Out came the cordless drill (or grabber gun for those in the know) and wham bam thank you ma'm - I now have my cookbooks right where I want them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

quilty goodness... and a bit of crochet too

So, me and my lovely ladies at Knit and Tuck are losing one of our clan... Beck is moving to Bunbury... to the other side of the country!

Not just a quick drive away, but waaaaaaaay over in Western Australia. Great wine I hear, and fantastic beaches, but no Knit and Tuck! Now, Beck being the wonderful sort she is, I'm sure she'll make some amazing new friends double quick. But we will miss her terribly!

So, the amazing ladies have all sewn together and made a sweet quilt for Beck to remember us by. When she's tucked up on the verandah, watching the sun set over the sea (how weird is that?!?), with a smooth glass of Margaret River something or other in her hand, she can think of us Easterners, and think "Maybe we'll go home soon".

Because we'll be thinking that about her, you can bet.

PS, here is my little monkey, brushing up on his cricket rules before he heads off in a post pack to Pip Lincolne and her Softies for Mirabelle gang. I'll miss him too!!