Sunday, June 26, 2011

handmade Brisbane

"following ones heart is truly something
that is really the only thing we must do
no matter where, or how, or if, we think we can or can't . . .
that in the bustle of the ordinary there are moments
and ways that are possible regardless of place
or time or money

that indeed a wandering heart
no matter the size or scope of its travels
is about taking risks even in the smallest ways . . . "

These lovely words came form the amazing Kylie Johnson, poetess, ceramicist, all-round amazing person at her blog Instinct and Grace.

She makes me think fondly of my old hometown, and fills me with hope.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So life is getting uber-crazy... is it just me... or the end of the financial year... or the weather... I don't know but it's FULL ON!

So, I've been a tad slack about the posting of late. Please excuse.

On the brighter side, I've almost finished the 80 odd crocheted granny squares I'll need for my blanket...
And to add to the collection of photos of extremely-jealous-making entries, here's one posted today on The Design Files... courtesy of Jesse and Arla Marlow. Sweet. This crew have the best collection of signs and signwriting ephemera I've seen for a while...

Now it's off to band practice... and bloody bloody I haven't practiced either...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

more crafted happiness

Now I know this doesn't look like a huge amount of creative output.... but there's been a whole lot going on! Life, you know??

The granny square rug is (very) slowly taking shape, and I've been experimenting with crocheted rounds - making them into garlands... Is that what you call them?

Anyway, the cold nights are really making me enjoy my craft, with a large dollop of red... I'm hoping my rug will be finished in time to catch a few cold nights before then end of winter!