Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flame Tree Co-op

Who says community co-operatives have to be mish-mashes of hand-me-downs and mismatched furniture with no style? Thirroul's Flame Tree Co-op is a lovely space with some really neat examples of design using what has come to hand from members and volunteers.

How about this beautiful mosaic that graces the front entry wall? Excellent colour choice and mosaic sizing has made this a unique and delightful start to the Flame Tree experience.

Note the guerilla knitting on the downpipe, camera left!

Then, on entering the interior, I noticed the front counter - such an interesting use of timber offcuts used for the shelving.

The rest of the space is filled with rustic timber shelves, housing the delicious and recipe-inspiring product range. See their blog for more info and product lists.

And one of the BEST backyard sheds I've ever seen...